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Kitchen Remodels Seattle

For many, the kitchen is considered the heart of the home. Whether you’re cooking for your big family, partying with friends, or baking your grandmother’s signature dish in her favorite china wares. The kitchen is an essential space for you and your family. If you’re going to give a room in your home a total makeover, your kitchen is the most obvious choice. Kitchen remodeling can be terrifying. But with our team of experienced craftsmen and devoted planning team, together with a proven devised method, we can build stunning kitchen remodels Seattle that are made to last a lifetime. So you can enjoy your elegant, innovative one-of-a-kind kitchen and share it with your loved ones. It will all begin with your concept. Together with our knowledge and excellent craftsmanship, we can surely turn your space into the kitchen of your dreams.

No kitchen remodeling is the same. While some kitchens reuse their current layouts and cabinets, others require a more significant renovation to be functional again. If your kitchen cabinets Seattle suffer several structural problems, new custom cabinetry Seattle is seemingly the best choice for you. You can let your imagination run wild to achieve your dream kitchen space. With several suitable combinations, we are positive you will find the fitting style to suit your concept. Our finest, no upkeep custom cabinets Seattle products are made to last. Our custom cabinetry is available in numbers of shade, form, and cabinet door combinations, in your choice of top-grade hardwood or high-quality laminate. Our kitchen remodels Seattle provides quality outcomes at a fraction of a cost.

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Refacing Cabinet Seattle

Cabinet Refacing Seattle is an excellent option for homeowners who already have fine countertops or are satisfied with the kitchen cabinets Seattle footprint.

Since the cabinet boxes will remain in their current locations, enhancing the aesthetic can be done relatively quickly without a lot of mayhem. This alternative gives homeowners a cost-effective, attractive vibe to Seattle cabinets that provide the whole space a brand-new look and feel. 

With cabinet refacing Seattle, all the cabinet doors and drawers will be replaced with new ones, and the exteriors will be refreshed with sturdy materials to complement the new doors. There are many options for new styles, colors, accessories, and designs to achieve the look you want. It is a less drastic option, but it will still provide a tremendous change to your kitchen. Why is it an option for you? It is customizable. Cabinetry hardware, new door frames, new color, new mold are available, among other options to create your dream space. It’s relatively quick to finish. Compared to traditional remodeling, cabinet refacing Seattle takes a shorter amount of time to complete. It’s eco-friendly. Refacing is a more sustainable choice because your cabinet boxes will be recycled, conserving the materials and emissions that come along with building and shipping new ones.

However, Cabinet Refacing won’t fix significant layout issues, so if your current kitchen layout isn’t working anymore, you may want to look through different options. While it’s possible to repair a few damaged cabinet boxes in your project, if most of your cabinets are in damaged or flawed condition, you’ll want to reconsider full replacement.

Cabinet Refinishing Seattle

If you want to give your space a more inviting and stylish look without taking it apart, refinishing or painting is an excellent alternative to a total kitchen remodeling. It is also a faster renovation solution without demolishing and removing the entire units of your kitchen. By using the previous materials from the old space, you are creating an eco-friendly kitchen as well.

We’ll help you conceptualize your ideal. We’ll let you decide which materials, colors, or re-stain we’ll do to achieve the finish that you like. Kitchen remodeling tends to get very pricey. They also take a bit longer, which can be inconvenient. Cabinet Painting Seattle and Cabinet Refinishing Seattle is an alternative solution to your kitchen problem without all the hassle. 

Though you might not consider a mere coat of color can make such a difference, you’re in for a surprise. You’ll be shocked at the drastic change painting or refinishing your existing cabinets can do. Cabinet refinishing isn’t just for kitchens. We can also help to refresh your bathroom cabinets Seattle. Now that you are inspired to give your kitchen and bathroom fresh modern looks, it’s time to give us a call! The Seattle Cabinet Refinishing Pros experts want to improve your kitchen and bath cabinets by giving them a new life. Our Cabinet Painting Seattle and Cabinet Refinishing Seattle services are patronized by many homeowners and dealers in the neighborhood. With years of expertise and a collection of countless satisfied homeowners, we are the best cabinet refinishing & painting company.

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Cabinet Remodeling

You've just opened a brand new door to innovative kitchen remodeling concepts to fill your mind and your home with the latest design possibilities. And kitchen remodeling Seattle and Seattle bathroom remodel contractors will make it simple to make these designs to life.

Cabinet Refinishing

Refinishing cabinetry is the easiest way to revive a kitchen. Being proficient, experienced, and trained in cabinet refinishing can be a substantial competitive edge. And remodeling worn-out or dated cabinets can help create any area look entirely new.

Cabinet Refacing

When you like updating your kitchen but can't manage a total renovation, you can turn to cabinet refacing Seattle, just like other people did. By refacing, you can upcycle your existing Seattle kitchen cabinets doors, storage boxes, drawer fronts, exteriors, and hardware by giving them new colors and styles.

Custom Cabinets

It doesn't matter how big, or small your kitchen and bathroom built-in cabinet project can be. You can rely on our quick team of excellent artisans to bring your imagination to life with a combination of creativity, technology, and exceptional craftsmanship.

What Our Clients Say
We love our new customized kitchen cabinets. Not only are they beautiful but durable and functional as well. Seattle Kitchen Cabinets provide quality products, and their customer service is top-notch. They really value our opinions. Thank you.
Georgia Wade
The team was very patient and answered all of my questions, and explain everything to me well. They worked around my schedule during the entire renovation. I am very satisfied with their work. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
Les Rogers
Since I'm a mother of three, I spend most of my time cooking for my family, I never thought I would enjoy staying in the kitchen, but Seattle Cabinet Refinishing Pro proved me wrong. It is now my favorite area in the house. I will definitely hire them when I decide to renovate my bathroom.
Paul Ferguson
The number of options and current finishes available makes my space remodeling easy. They stick to the budget yet built a haven for my family and me. The upgraded drawer box is worth it! I would recommend Seattle Cabinet Refinishing Pro to those about to renovate.
Guy Santos
Our experience with Seattle Cabinet Refinishing Pro is fantastic. Their team is very courteous, and they incorporated all of my ideas into my bathroom space, and I love it. Good job!
Iris Newman

Seattle Cabinets

Bring your ideal cabinet design to Seattle Cabinet Refinishing Pros. With an unlimited combination of materials, exterior, door style, color, and stain finishes, it is easy to incorporate your ideas into your home with Seattle Cabinet Refinishing Pros. Visualize your fantasies, and we will make them a reality. Your imagination will only be matched by our dedication to quality and client satisfaction. Here at Seattle Cabinet Refinishing Pros, we will consider and outline the ideal custom kitchen cabinetry or custom bathroom vanity that meets your specific needs. You’ll be amazed at how cabinets can change any room in your home, and you’ll find that our Seattle cabinets are flexible enough to provide the perfect solution for your personal space.

We can customize your:

Design. When planning your kitchen and bathroom cabinets Seattle, the structural drawings will be drafted with you in mind. These custom Seattle cabinets may either complement different rooms in your home or create an entirely new space on their own, all while sustaining sophisticated design and purpose.

Finishes. We can help you select the proper finish for your Seattle cabinets, whether you would like pure mahogany or even a painted white-colored satin finish. Our custom-finishes help refine your style and accentuate your décor.

We have expert installers to guarantee that your custom cabinets Seattle are presented to you exquisitely. They will surely leave your house in the same immaculate condition when they first arrive.

Make your kitchen and bathrooms uniquely yours by hiring our professional artisans to build and install custom made kitchen and bathroom cabinetry perfect for you.