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When you like updating your kitchen but can’t manage a total renovation, you can turn to cabinet refacing Seattle, just like other people did. By refacing, you can upcycle your existing Seattle kitchen cabinets doors, storage boxes, drawer fronts, exteriors, and hardware by giving them new colors and styles. You can also add several finishing touches to complete your cabinet refacing Seattle, such as new countertops and moldings. Our professional team will complete your Seattle cabinet refacing project without much interruption to your everyday life. 

Seattle Cabinet Refinishing Pro has a wide selection of door styles and finishes. You can also opt for customized cabinet doors Seattle, complete with stylishly new decorative hardware and accessories. 

If your kitchen layout is still functional and sturdy, kitchen cabinet refacing Seattle is a good option for you. We’ll change your outdated cabinet doors Seattle with fresh and current styles for a brand new look. We will repurpose your old cabinet boxes, a win-win situation for your home and the environment. Refacing reduces the supplies required to build new cabinets, making them eco-friendly by diminishing emissions when producing and transporting them. Refacing projects generally cost less than a standard kitchen renovation. However, keep in mind that your cabinet refacing project’s expense will differ depending on your project’s size & scope. Do you want new cabinet doors Seattle or an updated backsplash? The best way to get a precise assessment is to schedule a free virtual or in-home consultation, and we’ll present a project estimate specific to your kitchen.

Cabinet Refacing
cabinet refacing seattle

Kitchen Cabinets Seattle

The primary goal during kitchen remodeling is transforming the cabinets’ look. Surprisingly, unless in excellent structural shape, cabinets are removed and replaced solely because the homeowner is sick of their style. This is comparable to getting rid of a nicely fitted shirt just because you don’t like its color. However, in most circumstances, you can dramatically transform your kitchen cabinets Seattle looks through refacing, which provides cabinet replacement benefits but in a budget-friendly manner. Cabinet refacing removes the cabinet’s outermost layer, including the drawer and door fronts, and fitting a new exterior over the cabinet body’s exposed surface. With the handles, hinges, and drawer knobs, the hardware is usually also renewed during refacing. Our Seattle cabinet refacing expert delivers precise measurements to guarantee your new refaced kitchen cabinet Seattle is made to perfection with new doors and drawer fronts. The remodeling is finally completed with your choice of new hinges, knobs or pulls, and molding.

Refacing is only possible if your present cabinet boxes are sturdy and are still in stable condition. Cabinets with broken frames and water damage can be challenging to reface. Cabinet refacing can be a good, budget-friendly alternative for kitchen remodeling if the current cabinets are well-made and in stable shape and want a complete transformation. It is also the right choice when the existing kitchen layout still works well. But when the existing cabinets are no longer durable, or when the hardware is in lousy shape or interior features are lacking, it may be best to install new custom kitchen cabinets Seattle.

Cabinet Refacing

Seattle Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet refacing may be the right option to give an updated look on your kitchen, or restore your old Seattle kitchen cabinets and revive your kitchen with new doors, knobs, and matching exterior while keeping your existing cabinet boxes. Without altering the familiar layout of your kitchen, you can upgrade both the appearance and durability. You can create a unique kitchen look without the hefty price tag without changing your kitchen layout while enhancing both the exterior and durability.

Door and drawer fronts wear down faster than the frames. So you don’t always need to install new cabinets if you want to change your kitchen’s look. Seattle Cabinet Refacing gives you the benefit of transforming your kitchen without destroying your entire kitchen or your savings!

Most cabinet refacing projects are finished within two to four days. And we tidy the work area every day, giving you full use of your cooking areas and plumbing in the evening. We will do the renovation without disturbing the usual daily activities in your home.

Kitchen cabinet refacing Seattle provides a wide selection of materials choices and colors. Our years of expertise and business connections give us an unlimited number of door styles, sizes, woods, and colors to choose from. With our kitchen cabinet Seattle option, you can install new cabinets, drawers, and islands. We provide you even more opportunities to update the look and efficiency of your space. We can even help you create unique cabinetry in other areas of your home, like your bathroom.