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It doesn’t matter how big, or small your kitchen and bathroom built-in cabinet project can be. You can rely on our quick team of excellent artisans to bring your imagination to life with a combination of creativity, technology, and exceptional craftsmanship. Today’s custom cabinetry reaches beyond comfort and functionality. Exquisite cabinetry has become the centerpiece of many homes, as many cabinet makers Seattle include custom cabinetry into their plans for kitchen space. We have wide selections for your custom cabinetry Seattle, including arrays of color choice and different edge finishes. You can be assured of the sturdiness of custom kitchen cabinets Seattle and a one-of-a-kind design to perfectly blend into your unique space. Since we provide so many customizable pieces, it can be slightly overwhelming to choose, but our experienced planning team is there to help you navigate it all! If you have something unconventional in mind than what you see online, please speak to one of our experts to discuss more alternatives that may be available. Genuine effort and professional achievement are the core of what we do, with master cabinet makers Seattle artisans who are indeed ace of their trade. We create stunning, quality custom cabinetry Seattle day in and day out, which aims to make you fall in love with our finished product and enjoy our everyday excellence. Experience and sensibility are what earn the recognition of our products. The personal touch that goes into every piece with accuracy and thoughtfulness sets it apart from other Seattle cabinets.

custom cabinetry seattle

Custom Cabinets Seattle

At Seattle Cabinet Refinishing Pros, we provide the best Custom Cabinets Seattle can offer. Our goal is to deliver quality kitchen cabinet customization with creativity, responsive service, fine artistry, and professionalism. Our experts make it effortless for you to customize your cabinets in Seattle to satisfy your unique preference. You will choose your Seattle cabinets hardware, color, and finish to reflect your style and personality. We will brilliantly create, assemble, and deliver your Seattle custom cabinets. Our service is not just for the kitchen; we can also do your bathroom remodeling. No custom cabinet projects are too big or challenging for us. With our years of practice, you can safely leave any of your custom cabinets Seattle projects with our team.


As a cost-efficient cabinet makers Seattle company, Seattle Cabinet Refinishing Pros guarantees that all of our client’s projects are completed precisely how they want it. From conceptualizing to implementation, we aim to present unrivaled design services. We strive to incorporate your personality into your home and complement it with our style. 

We have a variety of choices to match almost any kitchen budget. Plus, we’ll give you a complimentary detailed estimate, so you’ll know what to expect. We will visit and explain affordable kitchen customization solutions to keep the project budget-friendly. You rest assured that you are only dealing with the most exceptional professionals in the industry. With tons of custom kitchen cabinets Seattle companies extending the same service, we take pride in being highly recommended for our quality standards and consumer-friendly ideas.

Custom Cabinets

Seattle Custom Cabinets

If you are looking for Seattle custom cabinets for your home, look no further! We provide custom cabinets in Seattle with an extensive selection of styles, finishes, storage solutions, and decorative accessories in cabinetry. At Seattle Cabinet Refinishing Pros, we offer various custom kitchen cabinets that are locally manufactured and of the highest quality. We strive to satisfy our clients by providing attractive, excellent customized cabinets that reflect their homes’ distinct characteristics. Seattle Cabinet Refinishing Pros is very particular and strict with the choice of materials to ensure that the cabinetry serves its purpose in the best possible way. Deluxe, customized baths, and kitchens bring grace and joy to each area. Let us build you a magnificent place that you will enjoy in the long run. Our artists make sure that your kitchen and bathroom cabinets are the perfect combinations of style and function, complementing a vibrant, new, and luxurious space. Expert artisans meticulously handcraft each piece to make your home chic, welcoming, cozy, and attractive.

Our kitchen and bathroom cabinetry are sophisticated and high-end compared to other companies because we do not standardize any part of our cabinets. The craftsmen at Seattle Cabinet Refinishing Pros do not just make cabinets; we make art! Each piece is crafted to suit your space, allowing us to create a kitchen or bathroom that transforms your ideas into reality. You can be assured that the finish on your custom cabinets is of the highest quality, meeting all your expectations.